Megachef & Histamine

Megachef & Histamine

Have you ever realized that you and your beloved life are at risk from daily intake?

Do you know how much fish sauce should you have per day? The average of fish sauce is 23.5 cc. that describes if you are 35 years old by now, you are already had 300 liters of fish sauce. Here are some harmful residues which can remain in your body.

  •  Histamine is a major allergen normally found in aged and fermented food. The level of histamine in seafood can increase as food ages. Excessive consumption of histamine can cause severe allergy and cancer.
  • Tyramine is a vasoactive amino acid in food. High level of tyramine can cause migrane headache, high blood pressure and heart attack to individuals of any age.
  •  Nitrosamines are considered to be carcinogenic and are produced from some amines, such as: histamine and tyramine that occur in the form of proteins.
  • 3-MCPD is known to be carcinogenic which is usually found in poor quality fish sauce, soy sauce and seasoning sauce.

Choice for your better and smart life with Megachef

Seeing that Megachef is made from fresh and clean anchovies which contain health benefits as below:

  •  High protein up to 3 grams per serving
  •  Low histamine
  •  Low tyramine

After being naturally fermented for over 18 months, Megachef is yielded with full aroma and flavour.

  •  No 3-MCDP
  •  No MSG Added
  •  No color added
  •  Gluten free certified by Coeliac Australia
  •  No preservative
  •  Free from chemical contaminations
  •  No harmful pathogens, e.g., Salmonella sp.

Megachef is selecting only the fresh and the finest quality anchovies and use of modern production technology, operating under the standard of ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 and certified by FDA, TISI, BRC, GMP & HACCP and HALAL. Our fish sauce is filled with good taste and is produced under high standards. Megachef enhances not only Thai dishes, but Asian cuisines as well. In addition, Megachef is befitting for you and your beloved one.